Garramour Boston Terriers - A small family exhibitor & breeder of Boston Terriers


Based in Stockport Cheshire we are a small show kennel and breeders of the very lovable Boston Terriers.
My dogs are bred firstly for excellent health and temprements which naturally leads to incredibly well rounded and good looking dogs.  My girls are family pets who want for nothing, they spend their evenings curled up in front of the tv with us, in fact at Christmas they even come to my parents for Christmas dinner!
Why Boston Terriers?
Anybody who owns or has met a Boston Terrier already knows the answer to this question.  In my opinion they are the best dogs in the world - inside that small bundle of joy beats the heart of a giant!  Huge personalities, totally hilarious and completely devoted to bringing happiness into your life they are the whole package.
They are athletic and strong - happy to go for long walks with you, but also equally as happy to be snuggled up on the sofa watching tv.  Be warned you will have this dog on the sofa, its impossible not to - you just cant resist them!
I take my breeding very seriously and want my puppies to leave with love.  If you have one of my puppies you become part of my family, I become your friend offering you a lifetime of support and advice where needed.
Healthy Happy Dogs!
My girls are genetically clear of JHC - Juvenile Hereditary Cateracts.  This is shown on their pedigree papers.  It means they cannot pass down the disease to their puppies as they are not carriers or sufferers - totally clear!
I only use the best stud dogs and can provide you with details and copies of stud dogs health and eye checks etc when you come to see my puppies.

Contact us
If you would like to enquire about the availability of any puppies please don't hesitate to get in contact.
Telephone us on
0161 355 5880
Or alternatively email us on
We look forward to hearing from you xx
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